Writer But Not…

You know that feel when you have all those sweets, but can’t open up any, for your mom don’t allow you. 

That feel when the sky seems to close to you, but you are not able to touch it, for its too high. 

That feel when the wind is so blissful but oh! You can’t stand between the class and go outside. 

Those flowers seems so nice, but ah! They are not real. 

When you have your breathes still there inside you, but heart seem to have stopped long back. 

When you blood is still red, but on the flesh, the veins appear so green and yet the doctor says you are completely healthy.

When you have a disease unknown to anyone but still you have to say, you are fine. 
It’s that feel, if you know it…

© ritikapeace


With Love From Me :)

Some are writing about moving on,

Some about will move on,

Some about there first love, others about,

I’m only one left now, and break-ups.

Some are writing about happiness,

Some about its all so vain to even celebrate,

Some about there usual days, others about,

Encouragements, celebration, bliss and festive. 

Some are writing for Mirakee,

Some about there favorites in it,

Some about there journey on it, others about,

How lucky I’m to find someone special,

Through this upside down red leaf. 

Precisely, on this last day on 2-0-1-7,

Everyone is writing something, 

Either grateful or sad about it, 

Either feeling blessed or hopeful about it…

But as I have sat down to write on my last day,

Of this long journey…

Don’t know, I don’t find anything to pen down,

But it’s fine, 

It’s cold, and I’m happy for everyone,

Who are able to.

With loads of love to my Mirakee family, 

Happy New Year. @ritikapeace on Mirakee App

…Including You

My every night

Hold the sight

Of you by my side.

Closing are my illusions

For I’m not even in your intuitions

And to close all this confusion!

Contemplate me oh! Me.

Regret me oh! Me.

No. Not anymore I wish you.

I want to climb and hold

Every star above me.

Behold now, brace yourself,

As I conquer my destiny.


Till Beats Call

Camouflage of your unspoken hides

Are nerving inside me a depths of solace

And let me now take aback 

From the world of witchcraft and beings. 

The Hades will take me now to underground

And there I’ll die again and again with your name, 

Tantalising my each step repeatedly,

Until you’ll die and your breath calls my name. 


Good Morning with a Smile

The words “Good Morning” are deliciously healthy for health. 

As you walk down the road a curve on your face called “smile” utterly heart soothing for every other soul. 

So don’t forget these two simple things when you leave the house. Utter “good morning” with your eyes and keep smiling. © ritikapeace


Sometimes it’s so hard

To utter the heart out

The blade scratching, slitting these nerves. 

Can’t able to hold on anymore. 

Trembling are these two feets. 

In between the two walls,

I’m feeling suffocating 

And slowly compressing. 

Dieing.  © ritikapeace

Old Beauty

Let those wrinkles on your face

Dull away the sunshine 

And moon keep crates crave for you. 

You are the beauty of the kings of the three worlds couldn’t find,

I’m the luckiest to get, knee down and kiss you. 

Don’t you go away for the seven and more births of my universe,

Stay darling, you are the needle, I’m the thread,

Wherever you go, I follow. 

Let the flowers shy away looking at you,

For you call yourself an unwanted “weed”,

For you are such a divine thing,

Even the paradise wonders how’ll they sustain?

Such a perfection in your winked wise wrinkled skin, 

Let me again kiss every wrinkle,

Let me tell you, you are beautiful,

Let me heal away all your pain, again. 


@apasserby challenge accepted.