… Go with the flow

The void of my heart
Got filled with your presence;
All those whom I wanted to give into,
Said goodbyes
And see for what?
For leaving me for you.

But look how notorious
Is this nature;
You need me but don’t want me
And so here I sit smiling,
Looking at the past me,
Who used to say with pride,
That when I’ll make one,
It will happen just once,
And will be just one,
Perfect one,
Who will want me forever,
For me, and not anything.

You need me that way,
But look how notorious
Is this universe;
You just don’t want to say,
‘Evermore I’ll stay.

But I’ll no more paint,
The desires of getting one,
Fantasies of getting you,
Say, fine, and let it go.
No, I’ll not sit depressed again,
Waiting again,
For “Yes! I got the perfect I told you.”
Because you know,
No one is perfect;
Life is tide of desirable catastrophe;
You only desire to make it complicated,
Because complicated is what makes you
See the phases of emotional rainbow
But hey, you’ll never say.
Life’s amazing with confusions.
And it’s good. It’s good.
But I’m so clear on points now,
And sadly I’ll say to you,
I’ll not wait anymore and getting back
To oldest me,
I’ll say I’ll walk strong alone.

I consoled you correct, don’t worry friend,
Never search for perfect one,
It will come to you itself,
When the need of time will be so.




Water dripping in bottle,
The filter working well.
The TV screen, seems
big and awesome;
sounds and colours,
all making feel bliss,
As the actors blossom.
The heater, saving from cold,
The room is cosy and
Nothing must be gruesome…
But grim, and dark,
I’m here,
still bored and anticipating
This life. © ritikapeace

Red Alloy

The dust and sparkle
Of your blows
Syncopated on my pages
Left the forever blot
And here I lay down
With my hands on pillow
Filling it with shades
Of transparency.
All that counts on now
Is your memories
Not moving,
Vain, vanishing…
I love to kiss your pic’
And here I do a good night sleep
With my galaxy
Transporting to the higher;
Symptoms of this disease
All mentioned above,
Are nothing but building me
Bolted and strong.

© ritikapeace


Abr ko zameen mehsus ho rahi,
Aisi hawa mein tishnagi hai.
Kuch toh bata kaha hai tu?
Fir firu iss samt mein teri,
Teri uss zulf ko mehsoos karu,
Bebasi ko meri aur na tadpa,
Kuch toh bata kaha hai tu?
Boseeda hua hai mera jahaan,
Masaafat ye bedaar kar rahi,
Har pal sifar sa hua hai,
Kuch toh bata tu kaha hai?
Tera tarz, tera gila,
Tere saath humdum, meri shafaq,
Meri shaad, meri tanhaiya,
Mahroom hu mai tere bina,
Baad-e-naseem bhi hai pinhaan,
Kuch toh bata tu hai kaha?
Tu hai kaha? © ritikapeace

Listen to your heart,

For even if at times might sound stupid,

Wrong and insane,

Often it is the most righteous,

And in reconciliation with your

God voice, i.e., intuition. 

//For it is heart that is important.//

© ritikapeace

Writer But Not…

You know that feel when you have all those sweets, but can’t open up any, for your mom don’t allow you. 

That feel when the sky seems to close to you, but you are not able to touch it, for its too high. 

That feel when the wind is so blissful but oh! You can’t stand between the class and go outside. 

Those flowers seems so nice, but ah! They are not real. 

When you have your breathes still there inside you, but heart seem to have stopped long back. 

When you blood is still red, but on the flesh, the veins appear so green and yet the doctor says you are completely healthy.

When you have a disease unknown to anyone but still you have to say, you are fine. 
It’s that feel, if you know it…

© ritikapeace