Gunned Down Clusters

Initially, my first cries,  Were like, me.  The star of each and every eye.  All the love, pampering.  Those hilarious memories Of hidden crimes by siblings, And I'm spilling it all,  After so much "yes yes"  And influential explaination, My innocence so dormant. Then, learning about people, Feeling so lonely, craving, For 'you', For what [...]

…Why Sophisticated!?…

I'm moving like tornadoes  Of this inner epidermis sensations Vocalising me to stroll on those Stormed heavily drained endings For heeling the golden pavements, Smouldering and aflame... To etch the name!  Eternalised, glory, fame? I'm "still" for the completion of "because" For worthless, all play of luck I have been. What's it all about, I'm [...]

The Case Of Some Atypical

​ Some people are so rare to be found on this mystic sphere and this wonderful magical universe, That probably even God might be thinking, Who is this one, I never crafted with my hands.  They probably be delicate or strong. Who knows? But they are too unique That you know you need. You will [...]