Cold Wind Gives Warmth Sometimes

​You came in and touched

The cells, that peach, 

Those delicate fingers,

Wrapping up, on your climbers,

Tough and long.

The dashing wave of wind,

Can kiss so sweetly,

And breath me for so long. 

Mints of your lips,

Playing on the neck,

Right to left you move,

Feeling of eternal bliss

You linger on me, 

Oh, lovely wind,

What messenger you are? 

That caressing tangible affection,

You showered on these black curls,

And embraced not this skin,

But transparent soul you healed,

What a doctor you are,

Oh, never go, cold wind. 

Pores of my body, 

Calling you to flow, evermore, 

Giving me the warmth,

From your chills…

Who are you, you blow?

With all my blues, I call you again,

Please don’t stop, don’t go! 

© ritikapeace

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The petals flickering

With whirlpools of breeze.

I’m breathing in this air

With fragrance of some morning frenzy. © ritikapeace 💙