Kis kashm ksh mein dooba hai tu
Mai jaanti nahi.
Kis cheez ka darr hai tujhe,
Kinn khayalo main hai tu
Mai pehchaanti nahi.
Safar ye kitta lamba hai tera mera,
Andaza nahi mujhe koi…
Par jab tak hai tu Mera,
Tab tak toh jeene tujhe mujhe…

© ritikapeace

Good Morning with a Smile

The words “Good Morning” are deliciously healthy for health. 

As you walk down the road a curve on your face called “smile” utterly heart soothing for every other soul. 

So don’t forget these two simple things when you leave the house. Utter “good morning” with your eyes and keep smiling. © ritikapeace

The story of her : 4

Slit or not, die or not. 

A topper, a warrior, the strongest, 

Rude and ugly, like a moon with protrudes,

Who am I? 

I’m nothing but a false truth. 
Slit or not? Die or not? 

My heart says cut now, you are no coward.

My brain quicksilver those moments of future when I’ll be no more on this Earth. 
Slit or not? Die or not? 

Am I even of any importance to the blue?

Blur I am, nothing able to do! 

Crafting fights at my house,

I’m the evil soul,

A misfit in this society of caricature,

Unmatched to my bones! 
Slit or not…?

Die or not…?
©ritika24 💙

The story of her : 3

Came running towards the door,

Pushed and slammed it. 

Coughed a bit. 

Kept the bag aside, looking through the reflectors I just washed my eyes. 

Kept quiet for sometime,

I chanted death,

Cuddled the pillow and cried. 

Sharpness of blade must play it’s role. 

Let the impulse guide. 

©ritika24 💙

The story of her : 2

Emerging love inside me,

The fronds lustre green, 

In the class of forty,

I was there sitting alone,

As the whole class enjoys the punishment.

Guys at talking nuisance,

Girls around me, gossiping me,

Few of them, saying to me,

“Oh! So here is the topper! Topper!”

The sun outside the window 

Far away, from the pillars of corridor. 

The gleaming drops, vanishing,

As absorbed by those clouds probably,

Here I’m sitting for warmth of blanket. 


I’m calling my room, my teddy, my books,

Novels and magic, 

All those words not read by anyone,

And those words of popular and so common. 

© ritikapeace 💙

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