Embrace Me Life

Neath the crimson dark I wish to hold and breadth little more. Life's mysteries are not ravelling Nor I wish to unfold. Just embrace me oh life! Hold me tight. Let me feel you in deep, As I listen to this songs of you... Let me take another take, Let me hark thou a bit [...]


Ten All Time Teenage Bollywood (Hindi) Songs

1950’s AM radios to amplified speakers today, times have changed a lot. What has remained forever, soothing and intangible is our love for music. ‘Love’, an emotion which not only drives us in dreams and hopes but sometimes can also hit us hard on the ground and that pain remains forever. ‘That pain’ that you [...]

Falling in love with a writer

Falling in love with the writer  Is the biggest mistake you can do If you cannot handle it. For that crazy one, Will melt you in those words  Like a candle wax.  You will remain standing, If you ever left.. You will still remain  Either beautified or sketched with black Either burning and vanished into [...]