Bind on You

I'll attract every little flux of you, Your every core, I'll crawl into. Deep inside the hides of earth's crust, I'll break into pieces and grow, I'll cover you...


Till Beats Call

Camouflage of your unspoken hides Are nerving inside me a depths of solace And let me now take aback  From the world of witchcraft and beings.  The Hades will take me now to underground And there I'll die again and again with your name,  Tantalising my each step repeatedly, Until you'll die and your breath [...]

Ten All Time Teenage Bollywood (Hindi) Songs

1950’s AM radios to amplified speakers today, times have changed a lot. What has remained forever, soothing and intangible is our love for music. ‘Love’, an emotion which not only drives us in dreams and hopes but sometimes can also hit us hard on the ground and that pain remains forever. ‘That pain’ that you [...]