Sitting, listening to symphony,

Which can’t be heard by anyone,

But me.

It’s inside, deep in.

Don’t dig this red mud too deep,

That instead of my feelings,

My story, my heart,

You just wound me more and leave,

It void, blank and empty,

Delusioned and darker and din…

Don’t try to hark the harps.

Don’t. ©Err1585


Dark Things; Bright Hearts Chapter 2~ Fragments

“You can’t do like this! What’s the case with you Iram? Like are you insane or what? You were the one who called me, you were the who texted me, you were the one who chased me when I was alone, you! Like what are you girl?”

“But I’m not like, like you! Like I didn’t even know that you were thinking that of me! I, I… I thought we are good friends.” Iram’s voice lost its pitch and diluted in the storms of the dusk.

“Oh! girl. I love you.” Sara came to her and hugged her tightly.

“Stay away from me. Stay away…” Iram sobered and pushed her away.

Iram, Sara and Noor were so called the punctual and the most intellectually bright sunshines of their class in their childhood days. Though they were together always, Iram and Sara were best friends and from the time when their new, college life began, they saw together, changes in their speaking, routines, physic and overall personalities. But Sara had her own secrets, still innate the blanket of her mind, body and heart the day the above happened.
Iram on the other side, never could feel any such difference. But she didn’t know that her kisses and touch meant life for Sara.

“Ah!” The girl was drowsy as she bumped hard into Sara. She had cigarette in her right hand and was shining like gold by face. She seemed to have fell, as her knee was wounded and gory but the darkness of her eyes and dress, covered the vermilions well.

“I’m sorry. I’m really sorry.” Sara was not able to turn around even, to take a look who was the girl, she thrusted her bony shoulder into. She held her white gown, which she especially wore for Iram and paced her steps towards 12 number.

“Sexy figure, eh.” The girl took her eyebrows up and laughed absurdly.
Sara shut bang the door close as she entered her room.
“Yo! Boom boom, ha…” The drunken again laughed out loud. She recognised that it was the “Good girl” of her college but didn’t respond anyway and as she turned around, she sat down in the corridor of the hostel, and kept on smoking till the lights of the building shushed.

© ritikapeace

People enter my life to destroy me,

So politely and kindly,

As me.

Much love to them all.

I blame my heart to be so sensitive.

I wish I could be stronger.

I am I am. I know.

© Ritika

Just One Chance

No more writes

I need to express.

No more thoughts

I need to make.

For give me just one chance!

One chance to love,

One chance to tell you,

You are my muse,

My only thing, to whom I give…

Give away my heart to.

I need no more longing,

No more I need any other,

I need no more poetries

To make you think,

What the next thing it is,

That you will be made harked to.

For give me just one chance!

One chance to meet you,

One chance to speak you,

Just one chance to utter it all entirely,

To my love, to you.

Let me give away my all, to you…

© Ritika


Never Ignore

Believe me, the day you left was not at all painful because you did left, it was just painful because you left so sudden, sort of unexplained, like a robber from a little dark lane, trying to hide away anyone’s sight.

Like, what was the issue? You didn’t like me anymore? Okay fine. Then say it to me. Talk to me, tell me that I don’t feel like to talk to you anymore. I probably then miss you more. I would be crying and asking why? Why then you even entered my life? I probably will shout and scream! But believe, you did right then on your part, to say out your heart to me.

But no! You left unsaid.

I remember, you wish to be remembered with your goodness, and don’t wish to leave any wrong remarks for you. But sadly, you failed my friend. You failed. At least in this little part you broke someone’s heart just for your own sake! And it’s good. It’s good to stay focused on one’s own goal always. But it takes just a second these days to say, “I’m fine dude. Good day.”

I don’t say don’t leave me love. Leave. It’s your wish, I cannot force! But oh love, at least don’t ignore and go. Face me and say on my face “Dude I don’t want to talk to you anymore. I’m sorry to say so. ” It’s better… Much much better. Even if your reason is “Just I don’t feel like talking, so…” It’s okay. It’s okay if one’s confirms I’ll never ever be the same one to you, at least I’ll not wait and soon be able to move on.

But you dude! You just didn’t reply! And talk to me like you did each morning, each night! And suddenly I don’t matter to you anymore… Is all your curiosity lost or what? You didn’t say you want to leave me alone, but you don’t even then can reply to my “Are you good?” You said you will not be able to talk, but then you also mentioned, text if you have any probs. You said don’t call, oh please then tell me clearly that I’m not interested in you or your friendship anymore.

I don’t say you feel like so. But honestly, “I” have these vibes, that you are “Ignoring” me, my care, my thoughts, my friendship… A lot.

But you didn’t say that… Then mark my words,

“I’ll wait for you forever more.”

© Ritika

Error 2

​Kyunki zaruri hai har pal ki naadani.

Kabhi kahi therna jo chah nahi.

Par ye dil sanjo hi leta hai 

Chahe acha ho koi yaa bura,

Basa hi leta har kisi ko mann mein…

Shayad naadani hi hai ye bhi…

Par khoobsurat hota sab 

Agar sab nikharte iske rang se kuch yu

Humari tarah.

Sacha saa hota fir jahaan.
Naadani tumhari bhi hai.

Samjhna isse bhi kabhi

Apne alfazo ko jab kalam ki raha dikhaoge Jab naadani ki chah mein 

Kheeche chale jaoge…


Error 1

Kahi dur iss shor se…

Udaa le chal mujhe e ghata…

Kahi dur, uss khushbu sang,

E khuda,

Shaant saa krde sab…

Bula le kareeb iss nadaan ko bhi…

E maula de de panha 

Mujhe bhi apni chaukhat pe…

Bikhre mann ko jod toh lunga hi…

Krde iss rooh ko uss bache ki tarah…

E hawaa le chal kahi dur,

Jahaan ho bs tu…aur tu…

Bula le e khuda kareeb mujhe bhi…©err1585