Never Ignore

Believe me, the day you left was not at all painful because you did left, it was just painful because you left so sudden, sort of unexplained, like a robber from a little dark lane, trying to hide away anyone's sight. Like, what was the issue? You didn't like me anymore? Okay fine. Then say [...]


My Small World

The calmness of heart And the charms of your pretty face, You changed my life, Filling in the deep gun holes On my flesh, Turning all those blemishes Into my happiness... The calmness of my heart And redness of my love Is getting redder... Charms of your pretty face.... Believe oh my best friend, I [...]

Ten All Time Teenage Bollywood (Hindi) Songs

1950’s AM radios to amplified speakers today, times have changed a lot. What has remained forever, soothing and intangible is our love for music. ‘Love’, an emotion which not only drives us in dreams and hopes but sometimes can also hit us hard on the ground and that pain remains forever. ‘That pain’ that you [...]