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It’s sad when one wants to say a lot … But have no one to hear, understand, or can’t just really utter that emotion, those feelings out. © ritikapeace

Falling in love with a writer

Falling in love with the writer 

Is the biggest mistake you can do

If you cannot handle it.

For that crazy one,

Will melt you in those words 

Like a candle wax. 

You will remain standing,

If you ever left..

You will still remain 

Either beautified or sketched with black

Either burning and vanished into ashes

Or melted and kissed.

You cannot escape, the writer and that ink.

It will leave it’s blot, forever and ever. 

Falling in love with the writer,

Is the biggest query you’ll regret. 

You’ll be dared, to be made invincible. 

Immortal. Either living free or bruised and as hostage, in those locutions, forever. 

Dare and date, 

Fall in love with a writer. 

©ritikapeace 💙 #err1585


Hidden under the white covers

My yellow buds 

Escaping through the roads 

Of my green shelves

I’m trying not to run 

Not to drown…

I’m trying to stay

And fight this back

Through my own crafted roots

Or is it so?

#err1585 aka ritikapeace

Error 10

Teri kasam hai humme
Iss jahan mein kabhi toh
Milna hai humme…
Teri kasam…

Ye iltija,
Nadaniyaa ho,
Aur ho raho mein
Ye kadam, aise
Vo sagar aur maati mein
Uchalta ek nadaan dil…

Teri kasam hai humme
Iss jahan mein kabhi toh
Milna hai fir humme
Teri kasam…


I’m not like what people percept 

It’s never have been true

Never will be probably.

Heart is important, that’s true,

Probably I try to sing a different song,

One which not really is my genre.

I’m not still that saintly or peaceful..

I’m much more messed up

That’s why I add piece of peace everywhere

Because I’m much more lost into darkest of human tendencies which one cannot see

But I know me, not the one outside,

Nowhere… For me. 

To me, I’m fading away into the plethora of smokes and flames,

Now I’m burning, silently. 

Oh! Wishing to find peace,

In my own world, as they often say,

I’m jiggering myself and I,

Call for peace. 



It’s a lie that people are good. 

All are bad. 

If sex is a sin,

Then you must not be here.

If cleverness is a sin,

Then the goods are foul.

If a girl is a sin,

Then what about your mother?

Tell me now. 

It’s a lie that people are good.

It’s hard to incline towards soul and not blood.

It’s hard to say, I love you than I hate you.

It’s tough to hug than to slap and rebuke. 

We are good.

No. Everyone is just resisting bad. 

Bad is good. And good is bad. 

All is lie. 

It’s just the circumstances, past and the perceptions, 

What you hark, watch and belief. 


The nights darker than before

Mornings in waits

Laughers in annoying way

And heart beating for health care and betterment.

That’s when everything seem to be illuminated.

That’s when everything seem to be ruined.

That’s when everything improved.

That’s when probably I was insanely feeling everyone, every word.

I wish to stay fine…

©ritikapeace 💙