Old Beauty

Let those wrinkles on your face Dull away the sunshine  And moon keep crates crave for you.  You are the beauty of the kings of the three worlds couldn't find, I'm the luckiest to get, knee down and kiss you.  Don't you go away for the seven and more births of my universe, Stay darling, [...]


The story of her : 3

Came running towards the door, Pushed and slammed it.  Coughed a bit.  Kept the bag aside, looking through the reflectors I just washed my eyes.  Kept quiet for sometime, I chanted death, Cuddled the pillow and cried.  Sharpness of blade must play it's role.  Let the impulse guide.  ©ritika24 💙

The story of her : 2

Emerging love inside me, The fronds lustre green,  In the class of forty, I was there sitting alone, As the whole class enjoys the punishment. Guys at talking nuisance, Girls around me, gossiping me, Few of them, saying to me, "Oh! So here is the topper! Topper!" The sun outside the window  Far away, from [...]

The story of her: 1

Walking through the corridor, I silently opened the door. It was a beautiful scene outside.  A charming sunlight, little dew drops on those green things and the calmer roads.  The cars were quiet and sky was dark yet filled with light. An amazing odour filled in the atmosphere. The hemisphere was like talking to me. [...]

Falling in love with a writer

Falling in love with the writer  Is the biggest mistake you can do If you cannot handle it. For that crazy one, Will melt you in those words  Like a candle wax.  You will remain standing, If you ever left.. You will still remain  Either beautified or sketched with black Either burning and vanished into [...]