‘Utterly Butterly Inspiracious ~Amul’

Who cannot forget taking a big piece of Amul Makhan with the yummy aloo ka parantha of mom’s hands? And who can stop adoring the cuteness of Amul Girl? And who can stop praising uniqueness of Amul Advertisements?

But from where it all started?

Taken from Sanskrit word, ‘Amulya’, Gujarat Co-operative Milk Marketing Federation Limited’s (GCMMF), Amul was formed in 1950 and got into action in 1957 but its advertisements started only in 1966. The father of India’s White Revolution, Dr. Verghese Kurein gave the duty of the brand’s advertisement campaign to ASP; Then, DaCunha ad agency took the responsibility to create an advertisement for Amul and from there the exceptionally adorable mascot inceptioned and emerged.


Amul’s first advertisment.

Making of the mesmerizing mascot and lovely tagline

“Polka dotted frock, chubby cheeks, long eyelashes, blue hair, half pony and no nose—tell me, who am I?”

Yes, you guessed it right, its India’s adorable advertisement mascot, Amul Girl.

Dr Verghese Kurien, suggested a humorous little girl as a talisman with two requests from the agency- the ease to draw and outstanding. Then, the clever player of words was created by Eustace Fernandez, the art director of DaCunha Agency. And also then, Amul’s tagline i.e., “Utterly, Butterly, Delicious” was first suggested by the wife of the managing director, Nisha DaCunha.

The Amul girl is often said to be the best advertisement strategy, because of the mischievous girls’ humour.

Some Appraisable Stats:

Amul is the largest retail company in food sector of India. It has consistently shown a remarkable growth in its turnovers and growth of its business.

The industry showed a giant leaps over past many decades. Recently, for fiscal year, 2016-17, the dairy has increased its turnover to 27100 crore. RS Sodhi declared himself that there was no adverse impact on its business due to demonetization. GCMMF, presently, has been achieving a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of more than 20% for the past seven years. It’s due to “higher milk procurement, continuous expansion in terms of adding new markets, launching of new products and adding new milk processing capacities across Nation.”

But it is also due the pioneering and accurate strategies used for the advertisement of the industry’s products. The brand is focused upon captivating the attention of younger demographic of the nation.

Basic Important Strategy of Amul:

Print media has remained the body and Amul Girl its heart, to reach every possible part, for Amul. Newspapers like Dainik Jagran, which have widespread allocation helps in escalating products consumers. The tactical, satirical and humorous comment of Amul Girl has left behind a legendary position in advertisement industry.

Few right actions in history and present which led to Amul mascot’s success are:

Though, Amul’s newsworthy ads became popular, they also pointed a dare for DaCunha as they need to be released swiftly or else they would drop their impact. Verghese Kurien, realised that the whole process of approving and releasing an ad takes lot of time, thus he gave DaCunha Communications the liberty to run the campaign without waiting to take consent from the firm. This mammoth ingenious freedom is still maintained and has been the primary cause why the Amul girl is always on time with her take on the world.

Rahul DaCunha took over the trust based business and grants in 1990s and under him the ad campaign progressively observed on contemporary news in sports, politics or film industry. Though most of their satirical comments has been received much gently by famous personalities and organizations, seldom few ads has jumped into with to dishevel.

Here also, it has been the attitude, unity and positivity with which the company and agency has worked. No matter what sort of cases has been drawn upon them, agency and Amul worked fearlessly.

Rahul DaCuhna, Manish Jhaveri, copywriter, Jyant Rane, the illustrator and the Amul Girl ads has remained together inexorably from past 30 years. The trademark features of the Amul girl have remained same.

It’s not like the other things were not strategized upon.

Other Strategies used by Amul:

  1. RS Sodhi told himself that, the Amul’s target audience, “starts from consumers aged five to people in their 70s.” They provide products to “all income groups. A taxi driver in Mumbai is as much a target for Amul as anybody from the upper class of society.”
  2. Though Print remains eternal, television as well, is used to reach the audience, especially of northern and western states. Language constraints are fought through vernacular dailies.
  3. Supplying the local tastes through local version of national dailies.


Precisely wrapping up, it’s the trust and fearlessness, the unique ideas and risks, and the unity of the team, which has made Amul set their mark in Indian advertisement industry.


The faces behind Amul girl.


No means No?

“Father, no father. Not today.
I’m on my periods my lord, please.
I’m bleeding. Please.
See, that hanging picture,
Of your beloved,
Of my mother,
Your wife, oh father!
Please, see her,
With whom you walked round,
And those flames, agni,
Don’t you remember oh father.
All those promises, and caring.
Please, no, no father.
Not today father.
Not today.

See, see,
All my flesh, is bruised,
With all your hitting,
Chewing, licking,
I’m in pain right now.
I’m in pain father.
I’m not able to stand even,
For the slaps you gave,
On my hips and legs,
Won’t let me do anything.
Look at my eyes father,
See me,
I’m not mother, I’m your daughter.
I’m your daughter father.
I’m your baby kid.
Leave me alone. Please father.
I promise, I’ll undress myself tomorrow,
Then whole day I’ll be yours…

Leave me father. Ah! Nooo…!
Please father, please,
Not….n…no…not today. No..”

*Just think oh you once, what a terror must it be to live here in this world, especially as a child, and if that’s not enough, on the top of it, being a girl! It’s better not to exist then, I think, if all I see from the time I got my vagina a bit developed is the pervert glares, lusty tongues, humiliating eyes and just this body… Ain’t not mine at all. And why do I even open my eyes if all I was born is for, sex, and I don’t know even if this body is mine or its just a product to be consumed and thrown away in the dustbin?…*

As that case eventually gets voice on the national tv on a popular show called KBC… Finally, I take this opportunity, to really let you all get aware of it, that yes! That’s the limits, a male* can cross!! No one trusted me when I told this actually happened! 😫

A human being*, more clearly, a human being can cross!

Where will you escape if the rapist is your own birth giver? Your own parent? Your own father?

Fear I, to think, what next hold on if it is still not the right time to scream ?

© Ritika

Ten All Time Teenage Bollywood (Hindi) Songs

1950’s AM radios to amplified speakers today, times have changed a lot. What has remained forever, soothing and intangible is our love for music. ‘Love’, an emotion which not only drives us in dreams and hopes but sometimes can also hit us hard on the ground and that pain remains forever. ‘That pain’ that you first felt in the school may be. Then there are expectations and hold of your family, relationships and parents. Our ambitions and hopes, the way we come out from it, the tension a youth faces. And then comes a good bit—‘Friendship’, an unforgettable part of life. And probably much of our youth is about friendship and love. “As we grow over 25”, we feel and think, “how we will reminiscent these movements. We will miss each other. These stupidities, the secret sex talks, those class bunks and the feeling to do whatever it takes for you, for our “crazy” friends”, but question comes how?

That’s where music or songs come in. As we are speedily jumping the years and will soon reach the next decade and the present will quickly become quintessential past, I have came up with “Top Ten All Time Teenage Bollywood (Hindi) Songs” of today’s generation, which whenever you listen, either you jump and dance or you cry. Guess the song title as you read the title.

“Niklenge maidan mein jis din hum jhoom ke Dharti dolegi yeh kadam choom ke”
No doubt the first must be classy and makes you feel jump on the top of the world. It’s “Wo Sikander hi Dosto Kehlata hai” from the young 1992 Aamir Khan’s movie “Jo Jeeta Woho Sikander”.  The song has the feeling of friendship and unity of a group. The peers you hang out with makes you feel like you can conquer the whole world till you are all together. This song perfectly portrays this emotion. The voice of Udit Naryan just blends like honey in your ears. A perfect song with flawless feel and video!
“Kaisa Ajab Yeh Safar Hai, Socho To Har Ik Hi Bekhabar Hai Usko Jaana Kidhar Hai, Jo Waqt Aaye, Jaane Kya Dikhaaye”
One has to change roads some day. This movie is only about this. The way we have to someday leave our fun and friends behind basically to settle down. “Dil Chahta Hai”, the movie and it’s the title track beautifully depicts the teenage friendship. We as youth want these moment to never end but they end someday. The wonderful part is we can always cherish them and smile later.
“Mitran de sang Sab kuch all right si”
Again, a song which makes you step up and dance on the DJ floor. This song have the feel of party and as lyrics above said, “Everything is alright with the friend by my side!” The song is perfect match to what you feel along with your mad and best friends. If “Dil Chahta Hai” was 90’s youths favourite, then “Vele” can be said present youths favourite though its love is quickly fading away as time stops for no one and the music industry is bombarding with songs.
“Usne Baath Ki Kuch Aise Dang Se

Sapne De Gaya Hazaaron Rang Ke”
The song which you can never ever miss out in any way as your eyes met the first time with your lover. Again a wonderful song sung by Udit Narayan from the movie “Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikander”. Yes, you guessed it perfectly! “Pehla Nasha”, a classic love anthem which beats in the hearts of teenagers even today. The beauty is in its lyrics. The complexity, intensity and the poetic feel, makes it precisely “magical”, as you dive inside the song deeper. Though the present generation go for “Tum Hi Ho” and Arjit Singh– no one can beat today, still this classic remains legendary.
“Concentrated H2SO4 ne poora Poora bachpan jalaa daala”
Every one of us has felt the pressure of studies at some point in our life. Probably when it was your first board exam or when you were in college’s second year. Ragging makes it more difficult for some. Sadly, some people can’t cope up with this pressure. “Give Me Some Sunshine” by the lyricist, ‘Swanand Kirkire’is a brilliant song that everyone can relate to. It is song which screams out what every student wants to scream.
“Mera falsafaa kandhe pe mera basta Chala main jahaan le chala mujhe rasta”
The movie and its song all of it makes you sing your heart out. “Ilahi” is one of the songs which motivates, rejoices and soothes you, all together. No doubt, it is the song that can never bore you and so it will remain evergreen.
“Dhuaan Chhataa Khula Gagan Mera Nayi Dagar Naya Safar Mera”
No way can anyone miss out this peppy song, “Rubaru”! A song which soothes and at the same time motivates you to enjoy your this struggle as a youth. A song which make you feel the sunshine in the storms. No doubt, “Rang De Basanti” have all the hit list, but this song stands out amongst all somehow.

“Teri har ek buraai pe daante woh dost 

gam ki ho dhoop to saaya banne tera woh dost”
We all are social beings and finding that one friend in these billions of people that is forever is what everyone wishes for. Above lyrics perfectly says it all. Yes, the above lyrics are from “Yaaro Dosti” by KK. The song, the video and the composition, how can one not fall inside the memories one spend with his/her friends.
“Ye jo pal hain ye na beete Yoon hi main rahun”
That feel when the exams are finally over forever but we all forget that exam called “life” continues until one dies. “Kya Karoon” from Wake Up Sid is a totally exceptional song which each and every youth can someone relate to.

“Aane waali subah jaane rang kya laaye deewanee,  Meri chaahat ko rakh lena jaise koi nishani”
This song was written and sung in romantic sense and its lyrics have that feel as well, but it turned out to be a friendship song when Abhijeet Sawant and all the other participants of Indion Idol Second sang this song together. This song can never fade away and no doubt, whenever it plays in that moment of farewell and goodbyes, it never give you chance to not to cry. “Pyaar Ke Pal” is what we remember and cherish at last.

© ritikapeace

Finding the Hero within Me

The term “Hero” reminds me of these words “When we learn about the many different heroic paths available to us, we understand that there is room for all of us to be heroic in our own unique ways.” 
– Carol S. Pearson (Awakening the Heroes Within)

Well, some of us seek hero as one we watch in the Stan Lee’s comics and J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter. As a child we have learned to become true like Potter, examine and act like batman, empathetic like superman, positive and fearless like Spiderman, belief like wolverine, intellectual like captain A., persevere like ironman, Give back like the storm and be compassionate like wonder woman. That’s the one way to find inspiration and desire of being a “HERO”, but we know “That’s all folks” as mocked by Warner Bros’ classic Looney Tunes. All those stories may be untrue but those qualities are what perceived by a “Hero”. Then, there is one more side to it, which sounds much original and true, to be inspired.

Keep it simple. To find inspiration, just look for ordinary people with extraordinary stories of heroism. They’re all around us. When we follow a code of what is right, we can become a hero in our own life. When we live with compassion, we can become a hero in lives of others. Someone needs to sacrifice, someone needs to inspire, someone needs to be a hero. Why not me? Why not you? 

A true hero is not only a brave individual, but a brave individual who dares to be distinct. Everyone has a unique character. Our “Individuality” is what forms the basis of our character. It is something special, singularly our own. We all possess the heroic qualities within ourselves. What create the difference are our attitudes. We are all alike in, we all possess tremendous potential.

True individuality never comes to the one who possess a negative attitude towards life and unwilling to change it. Simply deciding that I’m not good at something, without making any effort to improve is simply escapism. It may be said a path of villain. On the other hand, one who challenges himself to grow better from yesterday develops his own unique path and worth calling a “hero”. The worst thing is to lose confidence in oneself and limit our potential. The truth is we can do almost anything if we set our mind to it.  

Following words by Bruce Lee correctly concludes, what I seek to “find the hero within me”,

“Do not go out and look for a successful personality and duplicate him. They always copy mannerism; they never start from the root of their being: that is ‘How can I be me?’ ” ©err1585 (2015)

*Much of it is my mentors thoughts. :)*

…Being Beyond Mainstream…

It’s sad, that those who walk a different way, are first questioned and then supported. It’s too hard to accept them, by the people around them… Who cares for them, saying, it is never be true practically, what you are thinking can never happen, it must never be… And etc etc. Whatever their reason might be. I just want to mark down here, these kind of people are the one who really can craft something exceptional and beyond! Like MJ started signing at 5, Einstein hated school, was an extraordinary to common brain in maths and science, like say, Chetan Bhagat, who was an IITian, whose writes still are laughed upon… But still he is the best seller and somewhere he is what he always dreamed of to be! It’s his plot/story/thought you cheered upon at the end of the day, while watching 2 states, right?

But it’s sad how so many dreams and stars just shoot and breaks, as they believe in someone called “my dearest”…

If someone is saying “I can”, “I know I’m…I just can do it. It has to somehow, some way…I don’t know. But it’s possible!” Instead of giving examples about your life, or being like “be pragmatic”… Support them. 

And those who do feel that way, just never ever bind yourself or stop! If you really want it, work! You really need to shove yourself somehow, for society had always told “No! It’s I-m-possible”.

Just believe in yourself. Don’t cut away your wings so soon. Don’t just cage yourself, or cover it up somehow. 

Hark chum, 

 Not every story is the same. I’m not saying to go against anyone. But comprehend, yourself and others, by doing. Like it’s not like MJ was all the happiest, being in “paparazzi”… But he did what he loved and wished to do and he even accepted that, it was his own choice. Now, Einstein, enjoyed right? And it’s not like we all want that kind of name and fans. It’s our choice, who and what we wish to be. Craft your own unique story. Be an ordinarily extraordinary!

Ain’t correct? Cool. Let’s laugh it off, as we always do! Haha! 

…Fall Once?…

You have thousands of reasons to say no. But you also have lakhs of reasons to say yes. You fall in love all the time, sometimes for the looks, sometimes for the voice, sometimes for the behaviours, and sometimes for other factors. 

Now, who is the one to hold on to? Believe it or not, it is not something destined. It really depends on you! Yes, you! What and whom do you want?

Now, it all really starts with you. Your thoughts, your care, your character and understanding and not really another person. If then, he or she don’t express, move on. For, in any kind of relationship, expression is a really important part! That’s the way to tell the other person that you really care. Tell them, “Yes, I need you”. Don’t make it complicated, in anyway. It’s that easy. 

You have all the freedom to choose. Choose and hold on to someone, who is ready to hold on and fight with you, grows as a person himself or herself and makes you grow in a better version of you, along with you and within the society. He or she is their with you, by your side, for your passions, for listening to you, for telling you that their is someone who really loves you, and probably really needs you. No matter what may come, how many times you quarrel or don’t talk at all, sometimes. You have this urge to stay with each other. Now, that’s the true and beautiful love.

Decide. Keep it clear and simple. Choose and hold on to someone, who is ready to stay with you, no matter what may come.

Never Give Up

​The pain weighed heavily in her heart, but she is a warrior, who fights and survive, everyday bravely. -Alka

26 February, 2016; Around 2:30pm.

“Keep smiling. Be happyilways. Be positive and low moments of your life just remember that god is always with u. And feel that u can do whatever u want to achieve in life. Always B U. 🙂 Antara..”

She was the most interactive lady of our school, with most edifying words and thoughts. We never knew life will turn out this way and that, the words she wrote that day were nothing but alluding her towards this. It never felt like, she is suffering so much, and is accumulating more and more pain in her heart everyday. We never knew, she is suffering so much. 

“The happiest people are the most depressed.” Some stranger commented me once. I never knew, this was not written for me but for that brave lady, always instilling knowledge and happiness in her students. She was a youthful warrior, with a very optimistic attitude towards life. She used to hold healthy dialogues with us, exposing us to the great authors and their thoughts, like Pauelo Coehlo. 

Today, after a long seperation, with no talks at all, not even once after last farewell, we are left here with just memories. We, her students, are here seeing; not even seeing but listening her die, each and every second. But still she had taught us a new lesson, i.e., 

“To fight till the end, no matter what, don’t give in.”

She is in a deep sleep, after a brain stroke, but darn! She challenged the death, she is not dead! “She is a warrior, who fights and survive, everyday bravely. ”

She never deserved this. Like a lady with a golden armour, she is fighting to come back to life again, and we know, she will win! ©err1585

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