People enter my life to destroy me, So politely and kindly, As me. Much love to them all. I blame my heart to be so sensitive. I wish I could be stronger. I am I am. I know. © Ritika


My Small World

The calmness of heart And the charms of your pretty face, You changed my life, Filling in the deep gun holes On my flesh, Turning all those blemishes Into my happiness... The calmness of my heart And redness of my love Is getting redder... Charms of your pretty face.... Believe oh my best friend, I [...]


The charms of my heart, Not going to attract you as much as These words of nuisance, Camera of love Turning possibilities into success And calmness at your anger. So as I said, this is all such nonsense, I'm writing with chortled mind Smirks of my little brain And fucking unfixed joints... The charms of [...]