How to hate him?

He adore, and tries,
set aside his manliness
and express, caress, brings it to life.
He is so blunt and innocent,
pours out in front, like a child,
Can’t hate, can’t chide;
Just one, I wish to glide in and hide. #err1585


Pleasurable Reading

If these locutions,
And just very common lang’,
Can’t make you feel the bliss,
The blood and heart,
And that emotion,
‘crazy like any couple,
Experimenting first orgasm,
Na! I’m not good ‘af a writer.

On love and expression

And how to express
the transparency of my love,
it’s purity and it’s truth for you.
The structures and concrete,
have made it so fake and bolted.

Hey… Do look between the lines
and silence of mine;
For no, I’ll not explain,
I’ll just say it with my being.


Next Thing

He started with being a friend

And the only other think

I could think of is

I’ll be with you forever.

But then you started being an admirer.

The only other I could think of is

It’s okay, it happens.

When a person talks to other

About every next day,

Every next thing, sharing.

But then you started to utter,

“I love you. No. I hate you too…!”

And the next thing I could do,

Is just to laugh it off.

But then you hoped for a hug,

And the only other thing

I could get through it was to,


I’m standing on the verge now,

Where I knew I would never be…

What’s coming up next? © Ritika