The nights darker than before Mornings in waits Laughers in annoying way And heart beating for health care and betterment. That's when everything seem to be illuminated. That's when everything seem to be ruined. That's when everything improved. That's when probably I was insanely feeling everyone, every word. I wish to stay fine... ©ritikapeace 💙

Nature’s Vibes

In the nature's vibes  Lands of paradise Amongst the most thrilling brights Sunshines and the beams of blue I feel to drown deep inside those floods Whirlpools taking over these nerves In the nature's laps All gem and green, Grey with glee, I polish each step. Nourishment. Refreshing. On verge of eternal quietness And electrifying [...]


Concluding myself inside me  Shifting, shaving of the slivers  And concluding remarks Who are you to conclude me? I'm concluding myself Disturbed and pained  Painting now I'm my nerves Not red not green I'm slitting them with candies I'm stuffing them with shades Shades I'm craving, Of life, of badness, of goodness Of foulness and [...]


Moving and falling  In depth, is thou waves Your tides,  Makes me feel the heavens  The motion motivate to dive Moving and falling In deeper wounds  Of the whirlpools you leave inside.  Oh! Thou art is extraterrestrial. It's unnatural.  Moved and reminiscing note me oh! them. Bleed in darks and blue your moves. In creases [...]


Then I plucked the blossoming moorings  Felt the blessed heavenly blasphemous  Inside me blooming bud of peace. Oh! Unearthly terrestrial petals Shower your grace on me Thou art is mine calligraphy  Look now at me, Shower your grace, Let me feel healed.  Wash me, cleanse me deep! Heather... Let me feel you in deep.  ©err1585 


Dreadful the alignments inside this soul He can't let it expose It might break someone so hard That he'll die alive each day, He still feels, remembers  Moments of uncontrollable rage Somehow controlled.  Unbearable now.  He wish to shout out loud.  He wish to run away from himself.  Not can even sip the alcohol​ or [...]