Old Beauty

Let those wrinkles on your face

Dull away the sunshine 

And moon keep crates crave for you. 

You are the beauty of the kings of the three worlds couldn’t find,

I’m the luckiest to get, knee down and kiss you. 

Don’t you go away for the seven and more births of my universe,

Stay darling, you are the needle, I’m the thread,

Wherever you go, I follow. 

Let the flowers shy away looking at you,

For you call yourself an unwanted “weed”,

For you are such a divine thing,

Even the paradise wonders how’ll they sustain?

Such a perfection in your winked wise wrinkled skin, 

Let me again kiss every wrinkle,

Let me tell you, you are beautiful,

Let me heal away all your pain, again. 


@apasserby challenge accepted.  


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