Your Own

Now as I sit here

With the numbness of my eyes

Dizzy, all fussy, 

Sleepy little eyes,

Reading these poesies taming me all the while,

Oh! Damn this life!

So beautiful, gorgeous sometimes,

At others, poor little thing like those mudded leaves–died, dark, 

Addictive, amor!

Where now shall I go?

Now as I sit here,

Thinking to go to bed soon,

All dizzy… All sleepy,

Extends of extremities I feel now,

Blocked my nose, I can’t breathe no more!

But see…

Wait, let me stand. 
Yes. Now see, me standing with this phone in my hands,

Thine eyes will imagine stabs and slits.

Don’t worry, 

See now,

I’m walking, going to my bed.

See it seems I’m blinking my eyes,

Just to get rid of my tiredness. 

I take breaks to type. 

But here I…
Yeah! I wave, I switched off the light and fan.

My room is dark now. 

Here I go to my family,

To sleep along with them. 
Yo’ own…


Oops! Typo. Hehe. 

Claps! Hehe.


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