Dreadful the alignments inside this soul

He can’t let it expose

It might break someone so hard

That he’ll die alive each day,

He still feels, remembers 

Moments of uncontrollable rage

Somehow controlled. 

Unbearable now. 

He wish to shout out loud. 

He wish to run away from himself. 

Not can even sip the alcohol​ or smoke.

Morales don’t allow so. 

That’s​ good he feels. 

He just want to shout. 

Calm down that fury ashing the chords. 

None can feel. None can see. 

That pool so elusive to be captured

Through a naked eye

Concealed so hard deep inside! 

Oh! Poor soul. 

Can’t you just hold?

He burned for so many. 

Will you be ready to burn from his warmth?

To quiet him down. 

To melt him down to cold. 

Hark that soul, screaming aloud. 

Listen oh! Poor soul.



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