Movie: “Dear Zindagi” (Dear Life)

“Don’t let your past blackmail your present into ruining your beautiful future.”

I just finished watching this beautiful movie by Dharma Productions, which touched the core. The lines quoted above from the movie just somehow touched me to the very deeper deeper depths, so I thought to begin this, my first of its sort article or content write, with it.

When was the last time you just simply, blurted your heart out to someone? When was the last time, you cried and cried and cried in front of someone or even alone? When was the last time you surprised someone? when was the last time you really surprised yourself??

Geniuses in this world have always been considered a little crazy, insane, who love to stay confined…they are just ‘different’, or say ‘divergent’. Your paths are laughed upon, your decisions are judged, your life not seems to be ‘driven by you but others’. Social structures, rules, our roles as a particular sex, caste, creed etc, have always been concluded, closed and decided.

Then what’s the way out? We all know these issues. This very feeling of suppressing our true selves!! Then how to really express? How to bring about the real joy? Inner happiness?? How to really feel good? How to really let it all go? How to change the world and these mental processes??

“Genius is not someone who has all the answers but someone who has the PATIENCE for all the answers.”

You know… just delete these rubbish. All of it now!!

Go ahead and don’t …just DON’T THINK OF HOW? WHY? WHEN? Or any if tour thoughts or strategies. Just SAY IT!!

Express. FACE YOUR FEAR. If you don’t like someone, say it. If you like someone, say it. If you are angry, go red, shout and scream. If you want to dance in rain, dance! If you want to irritate someone close a bit, irritate him or her, right here, right now!!

“If you cannot cry with your heart open, then how will you be able to laugh with your heart out??”

Life is not tough. We make it tough by keeping a hold on everything, wvery situation, every emotion but not our true selves, our own life!! No one knows the future and what will happen next? Just why to think so soo much!!??
“Hum humesha mushkil raastein kyu chuntein hai zaroori kaam ke liye? Kya pata aasan raaste se bhi kaam hojaye…” i.e.,

“Why do we always choose tougher paths? Who knows that the easy road also works out well…”

Don’t our nature teaches us same. Untimely monsoon, sometimes, so dark, sometimes such gorgeously brimming sun and heat. Does it ever took permissions from you? No! Did it extremely, like killed you? No! You got affected, but it’s your issue. If you wished you could have jumped and lived during those droplets dripping from those clouds and during summers, you could have ate lots of ice-creams! It’s you, your perspectives. Those skies, trees, flowers, sun, planets, moons and all that nature is enjoying itself always! Does it care about your judgement? Or what will future do to them? Whether or not you think its right or wrong? No! They keep moving and really live! 

Go out and talk to someone you like. Wear what you feel, suits you, what you like to wear. Forgive. Trust yourself. Taste each and every emotion of this “Dear Zindagi”, “Dear Life”. Live!!

Life is easy, only if you wish to choose it that way. Right?

That’s what I felt and understood ultimately, after watching this amazing movie. I applaud each and everyone who worked on it. I wish each and every person must keep it or comprehend it as not just a movie, but tobreally feel it and really cherish “LIFE”. Cherish LIFE!

“Jab hum khud ko samajh lete hai na, toh aur koi humare baare mein kya sochta hai, fark nahi padta.” i.e.,

“Once we understand ourselves, then what others think of us, doesn’t really matters.”

–Β©err1585 (aka Ritika)


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