You cannot blame the one who had never tasted those much necessary expressions often, from those who were much close, who were forever, who were life. 

The world is sleeping and dreaming in the darkest covers​. It has forgotten that much before the locutions to utter, gestures, touch, expressions and art was the way to read and comprehend each others necessities, each others thoughts, each others “talks”. 

You want to know why it’s so complicated? How it’s so easy to type and feel the bond than uttering those words, or why we desire that someone could understand our heart, and just why you feel helpless at times to explain things… Certain emotions? Because you don’t let it flow! Answers are too near to you. Ever seen a baby. That baby don’t thinks before crying or holding your finger, or laughing. He or she just do it. Then, often the question comes why a couple can’t really do it without cuddling?  How can a hug uplift you and make you feel joy? Why face to face conversations are more reliable?  

Because emotions, thoughts and ones heart can’t really be explained, without gestures, without physical touch and piece of heart into the words. They are to be expressed in someway. Either through slap for anger, giving flowers for appreciation or kissing for love. That’s how nature made this world, and us, from the time without beginning. The more you suppress it, it will kill you. For you are going against the nature. 

Even when you see a dog, or a flower, you love or fall for… You wish to touch it gently. If you will stop giving water to that plant, it will die. For they are living things. 



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