The reason behind my weirdness 

Taking grand and extreme steps 

Is probably that, that

I have seen the power of light

I have tasted the rains of every kind

I have inhaled deeply that mud 

After those showers 

Exaggerate everything, every detail on earth 

I have felt the beauty of each thing

Either inside my own pairs or 

Stepping in, in others.

I can never be tamed ain’t just mere words

It had now become my reality. 

I make my own rules and create my own fictions.

I break the rules made by you by me

Again and again, according to situations. 

These are like modifications, updations.

Somethings remain the same. 

My will. My commands I follow now. 

You are just small man,

Even God cannot handle me anymore. 

Keep your God, with you, 

I have seen so much, I feel,

 That now I know

If I’m right, it shall be here,

Giving me the strength. 

I don’t care or react much anymore,

For I know, this too will end, 

This too will leave. 

I’m freeing myself from all that I learnt. 

I’m born new each day. 

I’m a new character after every 24 hours.

I’m now invincible. I’m beyond.

Limitless. I’m flying. 

Breaking those shackles of society

Those words, I’m rewriting.

I’m breaking I’m choking no more. 

And I feel like, spilling those last words

Of Eminem’s song,

“Why be a king when you can be a God.”

Well. I just realised how deep it is,

I yet again felt the power of luminous,

The peace that one feels, 

Flowing with the streams of moon 

And riding on those silver lights. 

Oh! I wonder, the beauty of being. 

I’m taking grand and extreme steps 

Probably all the time. 

You keep messing with you, 

Making the rules, so meaningless,

I’ll keep breaking them. 



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