… Cyber Clamour…Part 3

Quite a long time. Yes.I called him one hour before, but he didn’t receive the call. I also texted him, but he didn’t read it. 

I don’t know what happened to Nadish? It’s been complete one week, we haven’t talked to each other. Actually, he proposed me. Uhm..I resisted first, but after his everyday pleas and such honest feelings, how can any girl say no?

Well, it’s been one year since that day. He does remember my each and every like, dislike, my thoughts, my words. He helped me, shoved me to write and learn. He told me he don’t want to study further. He had completed his college and he told me he has been searching for some job. He must be busy in that only.

But he could have at least texted. Just not much but, just..”good morning” or “good night”, as he used to do before. I know he do come online. I see his display pictures change everyday. It’s a high time for me as my exams are near. I really don’t know what to do? How to be out of it? My mom did had a word with him. She knows he is a close friend but not that…that he is too close now. I think… I just hope he is fine. Nothing else I can think of now.

After I started talking to him, it was like, I ignored everyone else, their words or advices. I’m back to where I was… probably. Can’t even dare to talk to anyone else now. Probably…uh. I’m stuck. ©err1585


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