…Being Beyond Mainstream…

It’s sad, that those who walk a different way, are first questioned and then supported. It’s too hard to accept them, by the people around them… Who cares for them, saying, it is never be true practically, what you are thinking can never happen, it must never be… And etc etc. Whatever their reason might be. I just want to mark down here, these kind of people are the one who really can craft something exceptional and beyond! Like MJ started signing at 5, Einstein hated school, was an extraordinary to common brain in maths and science, like say, Chetan Bhagat, who was an IITian, whose writes still are laughed upon… But still he is the best seller and somewhere he is what he always dreamed of to be! It’s his plot/story/thought you cheered upon at the end of the day, while watching 2 states, right?

But it’s sad how so many dreams and stars just shoot and breaks, as they believe in someone called “my dearest”…

If someone is saying “I can”, “I know I’m…I just can do it. It has to somehow, some way…I don’t know. But it’s possible!” Instead of giving examples about your life, or being like “be pragmatic”… Support them. 

And those who do feel that way, just never ever bind yourself or stop! If you really want it, work! You really need to shove yourself somehow, for society had always told “No! It’s I-m-possible”.

Just believe in yourself. Don’t cut away your wings so soon. Don’t just cage yourself, or cover it up somehow. 

Hark chum, 

 Not every story is the same. I’m not saying to go against anyone. But comprehend, yourself and others, by doing. Like it’s not like MJ was all the happiest, being in “paparazzi”… But he did what he loved and wished to do and he even accepted that, it was his own choice. Now, Einstein, enjoyed right? And it’s not like we all want that kind of name and fans. It’s our choice, who and what we wish to be. Craft your own unique story. Be an ordinarily extraordinary!

Ain’t correct? Cool. Let’s laugh it off, as we always do! Haha! 


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