…Why Sophisticated!?…

I’m moving like tornadoes 

Of this inner epidermis sensations

Vocalising me to stroll on those

Stormed heavily drained endings

For heeling the golden pavements,

Smouldering and aflame…

To etch the name! 

Eternalised, glory, fame?

I’m “still” for the completion of “because”

For worthless, all play of luck I have been.

What’s it all about, I’m unable to comprehend. 

This treacherous exceptional trail,

Made up for some, I’m still trying to figure,

What’s it all about? 

Ain’t the chase must be silence, peace

Calmful and happiness… Peace.

Why the hell I need to stand,

For orating the perfect! 

Can’t my being be seen, be felt!? 

What a crazy conquering path,

Moving opposite the crowd, 

To be on it! To let them hark

Make the masses inspire, cry as you left.

Why to step inside whirls

To get straight. Why you not choose 

The easy way? 

Why you want to stay forever on this land?

I wish to die as soon as I’m not of much use to world and especially me myself.

Serving can be done, even amongst 

The quietness of the covered land.

Why? You have to eat stars? 

When they are just more soothing,

When I see the glamour of sky,

Neath the darker lights, on the roof of tranquility, with friends.

Ain’t these moments just so perfect! 

Ain’t a limited amount, 

A quiet place, basic things, 

Enough just to feel the bliss, 

The ultimate aim of every sapien!

Every breathing thing, in harmony!?



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