…Amuse Viridescent…

There were no holders

The owners, haha!

The fake dakers of gold.

Nothing you can hide

No possessions to be fist fold.

All empty, all air, all flown.

Ain’t nothing to be sold,

But ego synotic, ye’ called,

Your business ain’t no mortal. 

Stories to examplify.

Yeah! Barter ‘True’ for immortality.


Invinciblility of “don’t be so!”.

There were no holders.

Just staker’s money monody,

Cry ye’ again, silent audience,

The watchers of crimson gord,

Oh! The human are ye’ called.

Just the fake gods, unto the lord,

All cash that screams, 

Can’t you feel it evicting?

Nothing but dispossessed heats

All you hold are just frozen discreet

The plotters of twenty twelve,

Oh! Yeah. 

Let’s end it right away.

Nothing is left no more. 

Let’s go black with the lady green’

All stake to mother virgin,

In front of cross, 

Let’s kill the corpse even

Let’s be holders. 

The owners! Haha! 



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