…Cyber Clamour… Part 2

I don’t know why, but it’s kind of happening like, a pattern or some routine I’m now bound to follow. And I do love it. Things are going fine, from the time I have started talking to Nadish. It’s been a complete month now. 

We talk for hours and hours. No day, no night. I was able to see him as well. He came to meet me after my school ended. We chatted a bit and even ate ice-cream together. What a memorable day. Though, my friend did scolded me for this, as I haven’t told anything about it to my parents. 

You must be thinking who is this friend. He is my classmate, whose friend is Nadish. Nadish must have seen me in suggestions. So, he told me not to talk to him. He thinks it’s not right. But Nadish is a really good person. At first, even I felt I’m not wrong. But then he never said anything wrong to me.

I share all my scars with him. Whenever I ask him is he busy, he replies “I’m never too busy to not listen to you.” Isn’t it sweet. 

I never had thought that a girl like me, can ever talk to any guy, that too like this. He is my best buddy.


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