…Cyber Clamour… Part 1

Its dot 11 pm. Calmness.
Today, something unusual, I experienced. Something, which probably was wrong, or may be right.I don’t know. I’m feeling like a ripsnorter right now! I never had thought, I’ll ever talk to some guy, whom I didn’t even know.

It’s not like I wanted to. It just happened. I was low, very low, when he texted me. We were on Facebook chats, from past few days. Just a random stuff. Hi and bye. Today, he asked me for my number, as I told him, I’m not feeling like typing today. 

“Oh! You sound down. What happened?”

I was feeling so good, that someone is their to listen me too! I tried to ignore. But at last, I was so hopeless. I gave him my number. And I did right. 

His thoughts are completely different. He listened to my each and every word, so carefully. All the raucous, came to subdue. All my aggressions and loneliness came to a sudden end. 

Probably, that’s what I needed at that moment. Someone to hark me. We talked for complete one hour. Then, mom came.

“Noah! Dinner is ready.” Mom interrupted the rhythm of our talks.

“You have a magical voice.” He said, with his cacophony vocal.

Wow. I felt those words, so deep. All my sadness, from whatever happened today in the class, just gone away. Wiped! 

“Noi! ” She again called me.

I chuckled and said him bye. 

“Have a good night, Uhh…Noi right?” He asked me.

“Uhu… Haha. Right.” I replied, laughing.

“Ok. Now go. Your mom will kill you, else.” 

“Haha…yeah. Bye.”


And here it ended. 

Oh! It was such an quintessential experience, I would say. 

Oh! Yeah. His name is also very unique. 



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