Cyber Clamour


A short non-fiction tale, series, about the modern chaos and noises. A story of a girl trying to find solace. 

In the modern world of social exposure, all of us, face something’s in common. Especially, a youngster, who is still trying to find out and who is struggling to understand the worlds of “emotions”. Love and friendship becomes epicenter in this stage. 

Let’s explore through the life of an average Indian girl. Let’s see, what’s her story. How she handles this new world of social media. 


It’s always easier to do, when a person flows with his or her desires and emotions. But, it is more difficult, once a chapter closes, to let the other person read about your life. It’s like revealing your dark diary pages to someone. But they did. Thanks to all of them, who have directly or indirectly, have inspired me to write about their experiences. 



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