The Case Of Some Atypical

Some people are so rare to be found on this mystic sphere and this wonderful magical universe,

That probably even God might be thinking,

Who is this one, I never crafted with my hands. 

They probably be delicate or strong.

Who knows? But they are too unique

That you know you need. You will deliberately have to express that you need them.

They come and splash the beauty shades in your lost or aloof paths,

Sprinkle magic dust all over, from some heavenly land,

They are the one who you start feeling are, the God in Mortal Flesh. 

No matter you meet them or not. They leave their beauty in you. For forever. Some eternalness they whisper in every ear they met! 

If you found them, you won’t leave them any way. For you know this atypical alien, must somehow stay, for that’s the most sane psychopath I’ll ever meet again.

And so it do hits, when you are not able to express that feel in anyway, like say indirect, no more, for practicality of life comes in the everyday. 

Don’t think much. They might also feel the same and they’ll wait and till then, they’ll too might express. Who knows?

It really depends on ‘who’ these beings are?



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