…Fall Once?…

You have thousands of reasons to say no. But you also have lakhs of reasons to say yes. You fall in love all the time, sometimes for the looks, sometimes for the voice, sometimes for the behaviours, and sometimes for other factors. 

Now, who is the one to hold on to? Believe it or not, it is not something destined. It really depends on you! Yes, you! What and whom do you want?

Now, it all really starts with you. Your thoughts, your care, your character and understanding and not really another person. If then, he or she don’t express, move on. For, in any kind of relationship, expression is a really important part! That’s the way to tell the other person that you really care. Tell them, “Yes, I need you”. Don’t make it complicated, in anyway. It’s that easy. 

You have all the freedom to choose. Choose and hold on to someone, who is ready to hold on and fight with you, grows as a person himself or herself and makes you grow in a better version of you, along with you and within the society. He or she is their with you, by your side, for your passions, for listening to you, for telling you that their is someone who really loves you, and probably really needs you. No matter what may come, how many times you quarrel or don’t talk at all, sometimes. You have this urge to stay with each other. Now, that’s the true and beautiful love.

Decide. Keep it clear and simple. Choose and hold on to someone, who is ready to stay with you, no matter what may come.


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