​With a heart of a lion

Alongside her mentor

Roaring with pride

Forging ahead alike

Unleashing her true identity

As a true human being.
With all the wisdom

Alongside her mentor

She is walking a great journey

Of selflessness and 

Cherishing each life

Without begrudging.
With all the optimism

Alongside her mentor

Setting aside the dark clouds

Shiny as sun of bright hope

To every life she meet

She ensures it all.
With all the falls 

Alongside her mentor

She is staking every second

Her life at the dicing

She is building bonds of 

Forever friendship

That’s the only way

She is now acumen of.
She is the youth!

That youth battling in front lines,

Alongside her mentor,

Striving and breaking off 

Old chains of stereotypical things.

She is charging ahead

Like a lion, with all the confidence

Fearless and prepared to grab

What she deserves,

Kind of world she want to witness,

She paint it with her own life,

Crafting some sort ‘revolutionary,

Now she have no second options.

It is all started, already.

So let’s pioneer that possible impossibility!

She is asking, “Are you ready?”



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