Never Give Up

​The pain weighed heavily in her heart, but she is a warrior, who fights and survive, everyday bravely. -Alka

26 February, 2016; Around 2:30pm.

“Keep smiling. Be happyilways. Be positive and low moments of your life just remember that god is always with u. And feel that u can do whatever u want to achieve in life. Always B U. 🙂 Antara..”

She was the most interactive lady of our school, with most edifying words and thoughts. We never knew life will turn out this way and that, the words she wrote that day were nothing but alluding her towards this. It never felt like, she is suffering so much, and is accumulating more and more pain in her heart everyday. We never knew, she is suffering so much. 

“The happiest people are the most depressed.” Some stranger commented me once. I never knew, this was not written for me but for that brave lady, always instilling knowledge and happiness in her students. She was a youthful warrior, with a very optimistic attitude towards life. She used to hold healthy dialogues with us, exposing us to the great authors and their thoughts, like Pauelo Coehlo. 

Today, after a long seperation, with no talks at all, not even once after last farewell, we are left here with just memories. We, her students, are here seeing; not even seeing but listening her die, each and every second. But still she had taught us a new lesson, i.e., 

“To fight till the end, no matter what, don’t give in.”

She is in a deep sleep, after a brain stroke, but darn! She challenged the death, she is not dead! “She is a warrior, who fights and survive, everyday bravely. ”

She never deserved this. Like a lady with a golden armour, she is fighting to come back to life again, and we know, she will win! ©err1585



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