…No Looking Back…

“… Ain’t no regret.”


My life is melo of catastrophe,

With the catalogue of 

Hatred and anger 

Discourtesy and sobers

Ashamed prudence and destitute self.
Walking and casting spells of darkness,

In the hollowness of nerves,

Hues of these warms,

The holes of lost self.

I have miraged disasters.
Ignorance, haha!  

I snogged it like my favourite curve,

Died each second, 

The haunting viciousness of social,

The procrastinate player,

I was a daydreamer of night lights, 

And masked the goodness. 
The literal was, 

I was never the free bird, 

Cherishing my scars, 

And not what I had. 

The melo of catastrophe,

My being, I destructed myself. 

I must had praised my strengths.

I must had been transparent.

I must had reflected once. 

I must had not hidden too deep,

That my life had became,

The reason of mistaken identity.

A bad example,

An inspiration of “never be that”.

For my life is a melo,

Of catastrophe,

Ain’t no regret. 

©err1585 (IG)

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