…Hope Walk…

All cruel, all crime. 

Terrorism, racism, melting glaciers, global warming, no trees slogans, consumerism, destruction, rapes, adultery, sexual abuses, teenage pregnancy, dominations, religions, all money, fake policies, fake emotions, fake personalities.

Victims, bleeds, bruisers and felon. 

Stumbles and fumbles. 

Bombs and wicked minds.

All cruel. Want heavens. 

Like Lotus, let’s bloom.
Hold my hand. 

Grasp it tight.

Don’t dare you drop any salt! 

It do nothing 

But make wounds scream more. 

Darn! I say hold it tight. 

Don’t demonstrate trembling weak. 

Laugh on the face of it! 

I promise not to slip or skip anymore. 

I promise that we will lead it right. 

Take my hand now dear, 

Come on let’s break it through! 

Let’s sing together the ‘Ode of Peace’,

But before let’s learn to shout out

“True friendships”.

More than anything. 

Let’s learn to all is to “Give”.

Let’s learn not to resist. 

Instead embrace everyone we meet.

Let’s learn humour as the ultimate life-line. 

Hold my hand friend. “Now” is the time.

If not now, then when? 

I know I’m here reaching your deepest core, 

For love is all sprinkling in the ardour.

For, these vibes will spear no one now 

and it have to touch every heartbeat, I know. 

For these words are all stirred with magic.

Magical pixie dust of true feelings.

I know, you know, what to do now. 

Hold on now, don’t run no more, 

Start right where you are,

Create chain of “Hope”.

Don’t give an extra second to those devils no more. 

They are chanting ‘kill’ and you are also 

Chanting all similar. 

Current more ‘love’ and ‘peace’.

Let’s break there momento, right here!

I’m confused, which army you will choose?

I’m here waiting for you. 

I hope these smiles reaches you.

Hold my hand, now! Hold it tight. 

I’m here always, sending you my letters of peace.

It’s a saunter walk, 

Towards heavens. 

We are leaving now.

I hope you will join in this horde.



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